Product Description

A stunning Burr Walnut Art Deco style dining table.

This beautiful is awaiting professional French polishing works as you can see. Once fully completed & finished by our team of experts, this fantastic table will be dramatically transformed.

This table is made from burr many different Burr’s of wood, the skin of the tree, which has a beautiful grain, and also the most expensive part of any tree, and this has been embellished with the superb inlaid marquetry decoration,

The table top has exquisite hand cut inlaid decorations. These regal decorations include elegant swags and ribbons. To highlight the marquetry, as well as the natural grain of the wood.

Burr refers to the swirling figure present in nearly all Walnut, Mahogany, Oak and Yew tree when cut and polished, and especially in the wood taken from the base of the tree where it joins the roots. However the true burr is a rare growth on the tree where hundreds of tiny branches have started to grow.

This table will comfortably seat 8 to 10 people.

The Dining table dimensions are as follows.

The dimensions are as follows.

Length max: 7.1ft, 85.5 inches, 217cm

Length min: 5.4.5ft, 64.5 inches, 163cm

1 add in table leaf: 12.5 inches or 54 cm

Width: 40 inches, 100cm

Height: 29 inches