Product Description

A wonderful CMC Designs Burr Walnut Regency style dining table.

We can bespoke any table to any size or style like this beautiful walnut table.

So please contact us for more details.

What is Burr Walnut?

Burr Walnut refers to the swirling figure present in nearly all walnut when cut and polished, and especially in the wood taken from the base of the tree where it joins the roots. However the true burr is a rare growth on the tree where hundreds of tiny branches have started to grow.

The varieties of Walnut wood have been used in furniture making for many centuries. Walnut veneer was highly priced, with the cost reflecting the ‘fanciness’ of the veneer – the more decorative, then the more expensive and desirable. Figured Walnut and Burr Walnut (sometimes referred to as Burl Walnut) were considered as the most attractive varieties of Walnut. Burr Walnut veneer was taken from the specific part of the tree where ‘growths’ sprouting smaller branches and/ or roots would occur. As these ‘growth’ areas were limited in both occurrence and size, larger veneers were hard to source and often on bigger furniture (tables, desks, bureaus, cabinets etc), these veneers would have to be carefully joined by matching up the pieces or blending them together.

It’s just been French polished in the traditional rich natural warm mahogany colour to show off the beautiful movement mahogany and now has once again that deep lustrous shine and gleam to it that still only hand French polishing can achieve using the very finest modern table top French Polishes & materials to obtain the stunning finish we desire, which also now give quite a hard & heat resistant finish compared to the old French Polishes of the past.

It’s been finely constructed by professional cabinet makers using all there skills to great effect with the extra leaf & table connecting with brass clips.

This particular table at this size would very comfortably seat 10 to 12 people as you can see from a few of the photos & would make an excellent new addition.

The dimensions are as follows.


Max: 10.4ft, 124 inches, 314 cm

Min: 6.4 ft 76 inches, 193 cm

Each leaf is 24 inches wide.

Width: 52 inches, 132 cm
Height: 31 inches, 78 cm

This stunning Grand dining table is for sale at incredible bargain price with the French polishing alone on it worth in excess of £1000.
It would certainly grace any home, shop, business or showroom.

Has we are effectively an internet company we do not carry the overheads of running a shop & the expenses that incurs.
There for we can offer extremely high end professionally hand French Polished fine Antique furniture at exceptionally competitive prices.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions on 07966366338 or direct email.
You are most welcome to view this fine piece in person, from prior arrangement.

Chairs to match the table superbly are also available to purchase with your choice of Designer Fabric or Leather / Hide, at a special price if purchased with the table.
Please inquire for more information.

We offer delivery to most parts of the UK from are friendly, professional, insured, safe & reliable couriers we use regularly for only £99
We can also ship worldwide at additional costs, please ask for a quote.

Although are prices we feel are very fair and competitive for such high quality Antique furniture. Reasonable offers are considered!